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The Basics Of Technical Analysis

In starting our section on Technical analysis it makes sense to define what exactly Technical analysis is.  Technical analysis seeks to identify price patterns and trends in forex markets with the ultimate aim ...

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Rules For Forex Money Management

Money management is possibly the the most overlooked aspect of any Forex trading approach and yet the most important in determining success. Otherwise profitable strategies often fail because of a lack of a ...

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Using Pivot Points In Forex Trading

Pivot points have long been used by Forex traders as a means of determining directional changes in the markets. Pivot points are calculated levels within the market that provide both potential support and resistance levels and also a leading ...

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Trading With Fibonacci Retracement Levels

A popular tool used by many students of technical analysis are Fibonacci retracement levels. These are commonly used to find trade entry points. Unlike pivot points which seek simply to anticipate points of support and resistance, Fibonacci ...

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Forex Money Management Secret

Forex Money Management Secret More often than not, a well constructed system will work, but the trader doesn’t. We have to put our time in and learn the system which requires a ...

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Trading With Robot

There are many Forex robots that can be used when it comes to Forex Trading With Robot. Forex robots include Forex automatic trading robots and day trading robots, among others. Forex robots may also be called Expert Advisors, ...

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