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How to become a millionaire within a weekend

How to become a millionaire within a weekend

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How to become a millionaire

In this blog I have discussed about How To Become A Millionaire Within A Weekend. Every trader knows, it is possible.

Want to beat the Market?

Technical analysis, and in particular trading systems, seem to be an easy way to increase one’s fortune. It seems enough to start Metastock, draw a line on a chart connecting highs and lows, have a look at an indicator or an oscillator and it is clear what will happen on a market within next days. It also seems easy to calculate a range of an upward or downward movement.

We will acquire all relevant data by counting waves and by making a projection of a next wave with a help of Fibonacci numbers. Although trading systems are a bit more difficult task, such programs as Metastock will help to increase capital from 5 to 10 times, and after a year of their use we will be able to think about our well-earned retirement. Simply trading strategy …at least theoretically.

Technical Analysis – To Become A Millionaire

Technical Analysis

The majority of tools of technical analysis is not complicated, and the examples of their use presented in books and various internet guides show such spectacular profits that it is easy to experience the sate of euphoria. It seems that after reading one or two books and after studying a few charts with historical rates, we can start trading. All we need is little capital, Metastock and we can start multiplying our money.

Everything seems easy and uncomplicated, and a perspective of a red Porsche in a garage only speeds up our decision to start the career as a trader. Unfortunately, the truth, just as the very technical analysis, is much more complicated and there is no easy trading strategies, trading systems or any other easy ways to become a millionaire.

The whole truth about trading

truth about trading

Many people painfully experienced that the theory differs much from practice, and hundred percent certain tools, which brought huge profits on historical data, suddenly stopped working. By searching for a way to grow rich, it is easy to fall into the same trap, into which many gold seekers fell at the beginning of the 20th century.

With the hope for fast and easy profit, we forget that only few of them made a fortune and the majority of them ended up poor. Trading is a similar matter. Although, we often hear about the fortune of traders, we cannot forget that there isn’t such a thing as easy money and there are no ways to double capital within a week or two! Or at least we haven’t heard about them…

Is it possible to make money?

Yes. The capital market gives possibilities to make a lot of money. And now move back and read the previous sentence. Notice that it does not say “capital market gives many possibilities to make money”, but “possibilities to make a lot of money”. Do you see the difference? Huge profits are always connected with a huge risk. It should be clearly stated, really a lot of money can be made on the capital market, but only few people make them!

To become a top trader, it is not enough to have a good will and to skim a few books. Trading should be treated as a sports discipline. Nobody will be able to win the Grand Slam after having read a tennis guidebook. To build winnig trading strategies, wide knowledge and good practice are also necessary.Trading systems and trading strategies

This site has been constructed for fledgling traders. Fledging traders are those who are about to start their carrier on the stock market or those who have been trading for 25 years and haven’t managed to buy a red Porsche so far. We do not present any advanced trading strategies or complicated techniques on the next pages. We only show the simplest tools of technical analysis.

Trading is not about using complicated techniques or theories. Trading is about making money! To achieve this goal, we do not need any complicated tools but only the effective ones. Our goal is to present simple tools of technical analysis and to show how to use them. The whole art of trading is about the ability to combine simple techniques into advanced trading strategies and trading systems.

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