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Here’s what you’ll get when you join Forex News Trading Academy – It’s Essentially The Digital Version Of My Most Coveted Mastermind Mentoring Program:Core Training 1: Includes Advanced Trading Concepts that spell out the reasons behind my system.  This is the part where you get insight and develop the confidence you need in trading my system.  I believe for you to effectively follow my system you must understand the logic behind the system, so if the market changes in the future, you can still profit from my system by following its logic.  Effectively, I’m showing you how-to fish instead of giving you a fish.Then we’ll cover the three most important questions in Forex trading and how a seemingly unimportant fact could change your view to Forex trading forever.  It’s through these important approaches that led to the discovery and perfection of my system; you’ll also get a complete overview of my trading system, where I explain what my trading system is all about.  In this section you’re likely to get all of your questions answered, expect to get many “ah-ha” experiences here…  Core Training 2: You’ll get everything you need to know about fundamental news analysis, the different ways of trading the news, and how to eventually achieve the goal of consistently profit from these news releases.  This quick multi-part section is just a few hours, but I promise once you are through with this video, you’ll have everything you need to know to trade before, during, and after news releases. You’ll get specific guidelines to follow during news releases, including take profit levels, stop-loss levels, and where to get in the trade after a retracement.  As a special bonus, I’ve added a special retracement calculation video in the bonus library showing you exactly how to calculate these levels. The methods of news trading in this section are completely broker-friendly as you won’t have to deal with any slippage, widen spreads, or even platform freeze during news releases.  Core Training 3: In this section you’ll discover the nuances and characteristics of each of the major currency.  At the end of this vcourse, you’ll know what kind of movement to expect from each these currencies, and most importantly you’ll gain a brand new perspective in Currency trading.  This section covers seven major currencies including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, and CAD.  You’ll know why GBP moves in such wide ranges, and why rising Crude Oil price effectively pushes down the USD/CAD pair.  You’ll know why the CHF is considered as a safe-haven currency, and why during the time of crisis demand for USD rises despite of the Fed’s liberal use of its printing press…This course will enhance your real world Forex knowledge and paves the way to connecting the dots of global events to the currency market, allowing you to be the first mover in huge market swings, before they happen.    Core Training 4: This is the section you’ve been waiting for, the core essential of my trading system.  You’ll get the inside scoop of my Market Cycle times, complete with a 24-hour breakdown and “how-to” effectively use this simple technique and see how the market reacts like clockwork.  You’ll also get my complete technical analysis arsenal, covering every single technique that I use when evaluating my trades.  You’ll be able to improve your entries and exits immediately after this section, regardless of your current trading expertise.   Then you’ll get detailed analysis over the daily cycles or better known as the 3-sessions/2-day rules.  Understanding these simple market phases will enable you to predict market condition during typical trading days with a laser-like precision.This section won’t be complete without a real-life evaluation video along with my trading checklist, and a daily to-do list where you can just follow these steps day after day, week after week, while watching your trading improve and your account grow.             Tools & Indicators: This is the special section that covers every aspects of setting up your chart using my trading system.  Although I don’t use a lot of indicators, I have designed several proprietary indicators for my own use, including the DLL (Daily Limit Levels).These levels are based on statistical moving ranges, and when used in conjunction with my technical analysis, you’ll be shocked to the accuracy in pinpointing market reversals zones… it’s yours free with my course under a limited use license to install it on all of your trading stations.… I have used these 2 trades (Daily Limit Levels) each and every day. I have almost recovered from my beginning loss which was actually 10K.Jonathan HackmanI’ll also show you how my workspace is set up.  I’m currently using 3 monitors and 3 different broker feeds; you’ll get my special trick to use these different feeds to your advantage, and sometimes a chance to exploit the differences for some surefire pips! Since I start, I lost 14000 euro!!!Last 4 months I read your DLL & my loses declined on 80%.Gintas Kizyz           Core Training 6: This is a special section on Money Management.  As we all know money management is extremely important in trading, but what’s the best way to assure good monthly return while limiting the risks?  I won’t just be talking about the principles of what you should or shouldn’t do, I’ll give you the exact same trade plans that I’ve been using during the past 3 years.As a special bonus, if you have not started trading with a live account, I’ll show you the most effective way to fund your account to minimize any potential losses.  This is something that no broker will ever tell you, because it’s not in their best interest; if I had known this when I was starting out, maybe I won’t lose that $100,000 in my first year…          Core Training 7: This is the special section on Mindset Workshop, especially designed to help you conquer your emotions of fear and greed in trading.  It’s almost impossible to address these emotions and change them overnight, but if you understand what’s going on behind the scenes, you can learn to develop a sense of awareness and it’ll go a long way in helping you curb these self-destructive emotions.  This is perhaps the most underrated section in my courseware, but for any seasoned traders struggling for consistency, this section will change your life.Because I want to make sure this is the only Forex system you’ll ever need to generate consistent income daily, I’m going to:Make You A Deal
You Can’t Possibly Refuse…
          In order to make sure you get everything you need to know about my Forex system (until it becomes second nature to you), I’ve prepared the following extras for you total as my special gifts for joining my Trading Academy:          100+ Live Video Trade Archive – You’ll get my complete archive of recorded LIVE trade videos, edited under the same standard, cutting out dead silences and non-essential boring stuff, while leaving you with only the premium analyses, live trading reactions, and tons of invaluable after trade analyses that cover every trading scenario possible.  This is equivalent to years of experiences, as this type of knowledge only comes from live trading…          With over 100 live trades included in these DVDs, you’ll gain experience from the first-hand look at different market condition and learn how to pull profit out of any tradable news releases.  You’ll see by example the practical uses of market cycle, 3-sessions rule, and basically every part of my Forex system applied.          You’ll get at least one video per each tradable news release that I regularly trade, and sometimes up to 4 videos covering the last 4 releases of the news event, such as the U.S. Nonfarm Payroll releases from June 2009 to September 2009.  You’ll be able to go through these trades relatively fast, as I condensed most trades with essential information down to about 10~15 minutes per trade.  This means you can go over 100+ trades in less than a few hours…          Use these videos to prepare upcoming news releases and get your mind into the zone prior to the release.  See how the market reacted under similar conditions before; you’ll soon see the market through my eyes and make money doing same trades faster than you ever imagined.          Definitive Guide To Fundamental Trading 2.0 – You’ll get my famous E-book as part of this offer.  It’s a detailed instruction manual for the course, covering everything from the basic concepts to the more advanced trading methods.  It’s a revision of my previous e-book, with all of my previous ideas plus several news approaches to Forex trading.  This will be your reference manual for the course as you can review key concepts of my system without turning on your TV or computer.…after reading Henry’s ebook I was confident enough to start trading the EUR/USD currency pair and have made over 100 pips profit in a week!Phil McAthey          You’ll get digital version of this 100+ page manual packed with all of my original ideas and practical examples.  This book retails for $197 at          My Proprietary Indicators & Chart Settings – I receive tons of requests from traders who are interested in my chart and workspace setup, so I am going to include all of the indicators (some proprietary) that I use as a special bonus.  This includes my DLL (daily limit levels) indicator, which draws 3 support and 3 resistance levels daily.  You’ll also get a digital version of the eBook on how to trade these levels properly.  This is by far (in my opinion) the most accurate statistical tool I’ve used.  As the market starts to recover, this indicator will become invaluable tool in your technical analysis arsenal and trade confirmation tool.          You’ll also get all of the materials and worksheet mentioned in the course so that you can print them out while following along with the course videos.  A special version of the Currency Strength Meter 3.0 is also included, as it is one of the best free tools in Forex that I’ve used.  If you don’t know what a Strength Meter is, then you need to watch more of my videos.  I make use of this tool extensively as it helps me to determine the best looking pair to trade and give me an instant snap-shot of the market.  One of the best uses for this tool is to pick the best pair to trade after the news, and if you just match up the strongest currency with the weakest currency from this meter, you can usually add an additional 20 ~ 30 pips in your trades without changing a darn thing.          Revised Tradable News Deviation Cheat Sheet – June 2011 – You’ll get my June 2011 updated News Trading Cheat Sheet including all of the tradable news releases from their respective countries.  This special report is designed so that you can have it next to your computer for easy access.  You’ll get all of the tradable deviations for each release, along with the expected movement in pips, all in an easy to read standard letter sized sheet.          This is the essence to news trading, and a formidable weapon in the hands of a news trader, which could lead to exponential account growth with consistent profits.  Use this special report wisely and you won’t need to wait for my daily newsletter for upcoming news analysis.  You’ll be able to literally trade on your own.           Deluxe Market Cycle Schedule & Trading Checklist – Special Market Cycle schedule, designed to be printed out and placed next to your trading station, so that you can have easy access to the crucial reversal times that we use in our trading.  This special schedule alone is worth its weight in gold, and once you understand how effective it is, you’ll find yourself constantly referring to it, until you’ve memorized it all…          Plus, you’ll also get a Trading Checklist to use as reference every time you take a trade.  It’s the same process that I use when I enter my trades, and it has helped me avoid many costly trades.  I think this checklist alone, if used properly, is worth the price of the entire course.       Weekly Outlook Report – Weekly Outlook Subscription – After you’ve finished my course, there is always the question: “What do I do next?” Since I want to make sure you have every support possible for your success, I publish a Weekly Outlook report every Sunday guiding you through the same process I use to evaluate the markets, looking at the short, medium, and long term outlook of each major currency.  This is my way of holding your hands and showing you the ropes.Not only you’ll get these valuable insights, you’ll also get my opinion on developing trades that could result in huge gains.  You’ll also get a complete schedule of tradable news for the week, along with my plans on how to trade them.  This is exact what I do in my own trading, and I’m sure you’ll benefit from it.Normally after a couple of months of using my Weekly Outlook report, you should be able to do these analyses on your own, but if you prefer me doing the work for you, you can subscribe to this report for a nominal fee. Unlimited Trade Room Access – Unlimited access to my Trade Room for one month and follow me on every news trade that I take.  You’ll get complete access to me and my trade room 15 minutes before the news release and up to 30 minutes after the news or whenever we close the trade. You’ll get my pre-news analysis and enter the trade as I’m executing them on my live account.  This is your license to “copy” my trades and learn as much as you can from me, a truly on the job training experience.As I’m concentrating on trading during news release times, after the news releases or when the trades are over, I’ll usually explain the reasons behind the trade, and why it was a good decision to take the trade.  This is the best way to get up to speed fast, as I’m not just providing you with signals, but I’ll actually show you how to spot these signals on your own…… I decided to start with only USD500. My realized profit last night, December 19, was USD703.56. After only four weeks with Henry’s program I have exceeded all my expectations…Chris Russell, NZ – Dec. 2008I believe that you can give a man a fish and he is fed for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, he is fed for life. My focus is to generate as many profitable trades as possible while to showing you the ropes about these trades.  Usually after a few months of watching me trading, you’ll start to understand how to apply my trading system in live market, and you’ll then be ready to trade on your own.While I was perfecting my system, I’ve seen tons and tons of Forex coaches unable to do what they teach.  Often they’ll tell you because what they do is so advanced, just “do what I say, not what I do”… I think that’s just wrong.  Many traders suspect that “those who can’t trade, they teach…” because of these traders.  And I guarantee you won’t find that with me.If after one month you still want to access the trade room, you’ll get a special discounted rate, only available to my Mastermind Mentoring members.  As I’m not interested in opening a trade room and charge a fee because my time is valuable and so is yours.  It’s never my goal to provide a signal service, but a complete training for you to become the master of your own destiny.  If you’re willing to learn a new skill that has the potential to generate consistent income daily, then this is for you.There use to be one and only one distinct person in a generation to a specific field in life, this prompt me to recommend and appreciate Henry Liu in the world of Forex trading for is excellent performance and research work in forex market. Henry Liu has all that it takes to make 99% profit in everyday trading. This is no Jokes, no Deceit and I’m not fooling you but the truth. Precise no trade takes place without me reading Henry Liu news letter for the past 14 months now. Henry HAS ALL IT TAKES TO MAKE IT IN FOREX.Tunde Oduola17+ Pre-recorded Coaching Videos – Since most of the time during the trade room my focus will be on trading and managing trade as real money from real accounts are on the line, there won’t be enough time for questions as it may interrupt other traders and divert my attention away from making money for you.   I am sure there are lots of questions to different aspects of trading, so I’ve included many previously recorded online coaching sessions, where I’ve addressed many of these questions.Here is what you need to do now:My customer support team and I worked overtime we’ve almost got all of the DVD’s converted into digital format for you to watch online, right now…Remember, you’ll have instant access to the trade room, pre-recording coaching sessions, my Core training, and your archives of live trades in the membership area immediately after your order…Considering all of the resources, live trades videos, revolutionary simple Forex system, and the dedication from my team and me to your Forex success…You can’t really put a price tag on success, can you?However, here’s the breakdown of the amazing value you’ll receive when you join FNTA today…Mastermind Mentoring System 7 DVD Set In Digital Format – Complete with 12+hours of in-depth Forex training of Henry Liu’s Forex system, a step-by-step formula to Forex trading with absolutely no details spared; this is your home study course to consistent Forex profit while trading less than eight hours a week100+ Live Video Trade Archive – If only a week of trading videos could force feed you with the amount of experiences necessary to become a successful Trader of my system, imagine what my entire archive of 100+ videos can do for you.News Trading E-book 2.0 – This is the second edition of my “Definitive Guide on Fundamental News Trading” packed with brand new information and updated trading ideas. Proprietary Indicators + Chart Setup – Aside from all of the time-saving resources and the free version of my CSM 3.0, you’ll get a proprietary copy of my never-released DLL (Daily Limit Levels) indicator that calculates daily market ranges based on statistics.  Tradable News Deviation Trigger Sheet – Revised for June 2011 current tradable news along with their tradable deviations, expected moving ranges, for all major economies.  This is years of work keeping track of news release, an invaluable report for any news trader to have handy.Deluxe Printable Market Cycle Schedule & Trading Checklist – Neatly displays all of the reversal times for Market Cycle and a laminated checklist of my personal trading requirement sheet.  This checklist has saved me from tons of bad trades, so it is worth its weight in diamond; not to mention the Market Cycle, when used properly, you can easily add 20~30 pips to your trade, without changing a thing!Weekly Outlook Report – If you have purchased my E-book before, then you are no stranger for my Weekly Outlook Report.  This is the essence of my analyses in real live market environment.  Consider it as hand-holding until you can see the market on your own and start to generate consistent income; or keep your subscriptions and leverage on me for up-to-date crucial information for your Forex trading.Unlimited Trade Room Access – Live access to my trade room and listen to my live analysis while legally copying my trades.  You’ll also learn from my analyses as I dedicate as much to your immediate monetary success as to your long-term success. 17 Pre-recorded Online Coaching Videos – You’ll have access to 17 pre-recorded videos containing proprietary trading ideas, and tons of laser focused training on advanced trading concepts. Total  Value: PRICELESS You can get started today for only $27 for a 7 Days Trialand then $297/month  $249/monthTo start, simply click below: 
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This whole process just takes a few minutes, you can get started right now in the next 2 minutes knowing full well that your future is about to change…The cost for FNTA membership is literally shockingly low.Depending on your account size, it’s possible with just few trades, you’d have made the cost of this system back and then some.And you’ll have a front row seat in my trade room copying my trades for a full 7-days while learning how to spot these trades yourself, a process that’s extremely duplicatable…Once you’ve learned my system, No one can ever take this skill away from you… Never have to go back working for The Man, or be at the mercy of the economy, the government, or crooked financial advisors who supposedly have your best interest in mind…My system gives you total independence.As I’ve stressed time and again, I want to show you how to catch your own fish instead of giving you a fish.  As some mentors may want to offer signal services and charge you a monthly fee indefinitely, I want you to learn and do this your own; but there is never any pressure, if after 7 days, you still want to be in my trade room and receive my trade signals, it’ll be your choice.The ball is in your court now.It’s up to you to make the decision and join me in the Trade Room, time to make money from Forex for a change……or walk away, giving in to the bogus belief that you can’t do this.For the record, YOU can be successful in Forex! It only takes someone who is successful right now to show you how it’s done and of course, your own self-determination… You must hurry then.This is serious stuff for people who want to be successful, and willing to pay the price for it.This is not a difficult decision, but the window of opportunity is small, the fact that you are still reading this page is a sign for you to get started now…And you are just minutes away…I look forward in working with you,Sincerely, 
Start your 7 days trial now!
I have made many, many, many pips!
My bank account thanks you!Henry,
Your emails containing how you expect the market to respond to the myriads of news events that happen have helped my trading tremendously. By following your surprise factors in your emailsI have made many, many, many pips!Thank you for your efforts to improve my trading.My bank account thanks you!

Thomas Mathisen Henry’s report is accurate on most occasions and if followed will certainly lead to positive gainsI have been receiving the “Daily News Alert” from Henry Liu since April 2008 and must attest to the fact that this report is very informative, consistently on time and gives great analysis of the Forex market and news that may affect currencies.I look forward to this daily report considering that  I  am new to Forex trading and found this very useful source that offers me such great information and guidance.While no one can predict the currency movements a 100 %, I must say that Henry’s report is accurate on most occasions and if followed will certainly lead to positive gains for traders.I would highly recommend Henry’s report to persons who really want a positive and honest guidance with Forex trading.I look forward to this report daily and eagerly awaits the e-book that is to be published shortly.Fantastic work.Morris It has literally saved me hundreds if not Thousand of dollarsDear Sir. I recently was fortunate enough to come across your newsletter and it has helped my trading tremendously. It has made me aware of Forex market conditions that I would have never known about. It has literally saved me hundreds if not thousand of dollars. There has also been good help in the technical analysis area that has expedited my learning curve. I just feel more confident having your information at my fingertips when trading. I review it every day. I recommend your service to any serious trader.Thanks again,Bill Quackenbush I have experienced much more consistent profits since using this informationHi Henry…..This is just a note to thank you for the daily Forex market performance report and trading news outlook….This information is very valuable to me and I have experienced much more consistent profits since using this information…Many thanks,Raymond Smith The first email I look forward to each day is your market summary
and suggested trades.
Henry, I can honestly say that the first email I look forward to each day is your market summary and suggested trades. Your summary of the market and upcoming economic news provides a straight forward and concise  report which can be read in minutes before I commence trading and gives me confidence in tackling the Forex market.

Rob Bourne Henry is almost always on the moneyI’ve been reading Henry’s daily email for about 6 months. I find it to be invaluable. Henry is almost always on the money. His foresight as good as my hindsight – 20/20, which is why I bought his book on news trading, and subscribe to his Newsprofiteer service. Thank you and Merry Christmas Henry!

Tim Challenor London, UK
Dec. 2008
 I can plan my trades with minimal time and confidenceHenry!
Your news reports are awesome. The detail and accuracy is invaluable.
I can plan my trades with minimal time and confidence. Based on your research, I can expect what should happen with uncanny consistency.Know what to trade, when and how!
This is a must have for any FX news trader.Thanks.
Trevor Degraaf I Learned How to Read and Evaluate the NewsHi Henry,I am very happy to give you a feedback on your lovely email.  When I got your email I was very happy and what I learned from it is this.I learned how to read and evaluate the News.  How and why it is important.  How many pips will market move.   How real professionals will evaluate this news release.  I can think the same way they think and read the market according to the News release.I am very happy from your emails and I cannot stay away from them, I am awaiting them everyday.  I am learning everyday from your emails.This is Priceless.  I learned and learning everyday.Thanks You,Muzaffer Gurbuz It completely opened my eyes to how Forex trading is truly done.Henry Liu’s NewsProfiteer is absolutely fantastic! It completely opened my eyes to how forex trading is truly done. I can’t praise the guy enough! If you’re a newbie to forex trading do not waste your time with anything else out there. Get the NewsProfiteer today and join Henry’s trade room. You’ll never look back I will promise you that!MPP, Florida USA
Dec. 2008
 This is exactly the best system for any person that want to make consistent profit in the Forex market trading fundamental analysis.This is exactly what I was looking for, it is perfect and extremely wonderful. since I started using this your information I have watched my account grow gradually but progressively .In fact I think that this is exactly the best system for any person that want to make consistent profit in the Forex market trading fundamental analysis.It is highly recommended for all Forex traders all over the world. your system is the very best.Omavowan Eferire, Nigeria I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the information in your emails is invaluable!I am new to the Forex market…, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the information in your emails is invaluable! I can not imagine NOT having a heads up to the upcoming announcements / news events. It would be like driving a car blindfolded. It would be a very short ride.Many thanks to your diligent work to keep the information coming to us! Your the best!”

Jeff G.
Atlanta, GA USA
 If you’re serious about making money in Forex, you’d be a fool to not study this materialHenry’s report is incredible ! It clarifies many areas that have always been confusing for so long. I find hi s weekly & daily emails very helpful and look forward to his commentary. If you’re serious about making money in Forex, you’d be a fool to not study this material. Many Thanks Henry !Joe K., Vancouver Canada I asked for a refund and was shocked at the unbelievable quick response time to my requestI bought Henry Liu’s Ebook, but decided I was not going to be a serious news trader. I asked for a refund and was shocked at the unbelievable quick response time to my request. Based on that alone, I give him 5 stars because of all the horror stories I read on this site about the “Guaranteed Refunds” being ignored and denied by well known “GURUS”. I appreciate a man that does what he says he will do. If I decide to look at news trading in the future, I will definitely subscribe to Henry Liu’s newsletter and Ebook.Jack, North Georgia
Sept. 2008
 I am now reflecting $74,000 after 6 weeks of tradingHi Henry,
I don’t normally respond to stuff on the internet, because it’s like a breeding ground for con artist but I must say your newsletter which comes out each day is something I wake up and look forward to, call me sad but it’s a fact.
Being a newbie I think your newsletter offers a lot of guidance and instills confidence in my trading.

I have only been trading for 7 weeks and I started off with a dummy account of $50,000 I am now reflecting $74,000 after 6 weeks of trading, I cannot say that its wholly down to your newsletter that I have gained $24,000 as I have devised a strategy which combined with your insight and the current news that is released whether anticipated or live response has really put me firmly in the driving seat.

I am now in the position of selling a property I have and invest $10,000 of my money in forex trading and I am very optimistic about it. I am confident that I can definitely be a success at this game with your newsletter and continuous practice on the platform.
I have given myself until September to decide whether I want to resign my job as a management accountant and do forex trading fulltime.Finally I only trade on the euro/usd pair it might be limiting but it has worked for me so far, you have helped my 6 week journey and I must thank you for that.Regards,

Mick Anderson