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Using Pivot Points In Forex Trading

Pivot points have long been used by Forex traders as a means of determining directional changes in the markets. Pivot points are calculated levels within the market that provide both potential support and resistance levels and also a leading ...

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Trading With Fibonacci Retracement Levels

A popular tool used by many students of technical analysis are Fibonacci retracement levels. These are commonly used to find trade entry points. Unlike pivot points which seek simply to anticipate points of support and resistance, Fibonacci ...

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Binary Options Regulations Explained

When it comes to investing, knowing the governmental regulations is an important part of being a successful investor. In the case of binary options regulations vary depending on where you are located, and since these investments are ...

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What is a Japanese Candlestick?

In this article, we’ll talk about the Japanese Candlestick Chart… If you have traded any kind of financial instruments before, there is a chance you’ve seen a Japanese Candlestick chart in action, because it’s probably ...

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What is a Pip In Forex?

In this article we are going to talk about “PIP”… A Pip In Forex is the smallest measurement for a currency rate, and it is usually the 4th decimal for all major pairs except for JPY, which ...

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What is a Currency Pair?

What is a Currency Pair? Hi, it’s Satish Oraon here, this is our Forex Beginner’s series… and in this section, we’ll look at some key Forex terminologies crucial to the currency market, and without further ado, let’s start ...

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